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Feed your inner bear today…

When a bears’ intuition tells them it is time for a long, long nap they go out looking for somewhere to sleep. Having spent most of the summer on an extended eating-fest designed to ‘chunk up’ before winter, they are all ready to go. Bears don’t really think about it that much. They just get into their inner Pooh.

Image from images/polar-bear.jpg

The Inuits gormandize on a range of fatty delights such as whale, walrus, seal, caribou, polar bear, muskoxen, birds, fish and eggs. Their diet keeps them warm all year round. They probably don’t worry about whether it’s saturated fat or not. e/e317/e007914483-v6.jpg

Humans, well we aren’t always that intuitive or instinctive about our food and habits. Mostly we just go on eating the same old, same old for lunch everyday because it tastes good, or we think its low in kilo-joules. How many of us really think about preparing for the big chill? Is sushi and low-fat yoghurt what our bodies really need to get us through the long Winter months? Doubtful.

About this time of the year my clever body alerts me to a need to change things. Even if I slavishly ignore my body it persistently whispers to in my ear. If I don’t listen it pummels me repeatedly. My inner polar bear wants some caribou. No more iced water. I want a herbal brew. I’ve put my elderberry syrup up for the season to ward off sniffles. I start thinking broth and kichadis and congees. I start combing recipe books for immune stimulating recipes. I go out and get astragalus to throw in my soup. I start baking pears and quinces and apples.

Really I’m just setting in my stocks before I go into hibernation.

So listen to your inner bear today and make sure your ready for the big chill.

Green Blessings


Baba Yaga’s socks

Winter came knocking on my door yesterday. She had stripy socks and flew through the air in a mortar and pestle. She was sweeping the sky with her silver birch broom. Baba Yaga has come to stay for a while.

I love Winter, nearly as much as Autumn, Summer and Spring.

I love the bare bones of the garden, the chance to pare back and see the basics. I love the plants frosting off and going for a long, cold sleep. I love the root children nestling in under their blankets of pea straw. I love the time to sweep up all the Autumn leaves with my silver birch broom and return them to Mother Earth.

I change my outdoor altar each season. This season its dedicated to the old crone of Winter Baba Yaga. Red, white and black for her messengers. Bones. Well just because. Some Elder Flower and Berries as her patron plant.

I have been scared of her in the past, but now I’m starting to hear her old woman’s wisdom, and her incessant scratching at my door.
She has invited me to play, and I have decided to risk joining her. She has set me three important tasks .

1. Sweep the yard of all the leaves with your lovely broom. Don’t miss a one!
2. Light the cauldron and throw in some offerings. I love a good shin bone or two.
3. Fire up your compost with something hot and bothery. Put it to bed for Winter. (Don’t tinker after that)

P.S And wear a shawl…My shoulders get a bit chilled at this time of year.


Green Blessings.

Coming next… stomping with Baba Yaga.