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Spirit Warrior for Red Catherine

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I love to dress up.
I’ve always liked to dress up.
Sometimes I’ve never understood what the point of it is?
It has mostly seemed a bit self-indulgent.
However I remain compelled and committed to doing just this very thing.
And until now I’ve never seen how this dress up thing could actually benefit others.
So Thank You Red Catherine for inspiring me to not only seek my own authenticity in dress ups, but to use it for the healing, amusement, enjoyment, vicarious pleasure and greater good of others too.
This post is for Red Catherine Johns (Romany, Story Teller,Animal Rights Activist, Feminist, Teacher and my friend) This Warrior is dedicated to you and all the great people around you supporting your current healing journey.

Warrior Spirit

For Red Catherine

If you are interested in Artemis and the amazing animal (and people ) rescue work Red Catherine does please go to her Facebook page Artemis Animal Rescue Sanctuary. Donations will be much appreciated.
Engaging the Warrior Spirit in us all…..Green Blessings.