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Fridge Central

Is your refrigerator the nerve centre in your Universe?

Is your fridge a reflection of your world order?

If mine is I’m in trouble! In fact I’m really, really in trouble….

It's an Electrolux

Earlier this year I purchased a lovely new fridge following an unusual over frosting incident that shall not be mentioned. (Not even the bit about the defrosting placenta within).

I was determined. I was resolved even. I was going Zen fridge door. I was going the Full Monty of fridge doors. I was NOT having seventeen precious bits of child’s art work. I was definitely not having shopping coupons. AND I was not having fridge magnets that seem to breed into rare hybrids when you turn away at night.

I have caved in. Horribly.

There is…
My running schedule (preparation for a 10 Km run later this year)
Notice of the agents impending house inspection
A spectacular list of pies for my up and coming Pie Palooza Birthday on Sunday.
A ticket for BABBA.
A local historical society brochure for the Button Exhibition.
Yoga timetable.
Free gym personal training session (For up and coming birthday)
Homework list (Not mine)
50th Wedding Anniversary Invitation (Rather Fancy Nancy)
Story timetable for the library
Birthday List (Definitely mine)
Hopeful brochure for local nurturing, massage, pamper place. (Wish it was mine)
List of things to do to prepare for Pie Palooza (Yes, that’s mine too)
When you can water schedule
When you can put your garbage out schedule
And… the list of my god kids activities (Which are substantial)
Phew, and that’s not withstanding a host of fridge magnets, photos and a Day Care Calendar!

How did this happen? I know not.

Do I have the courage to remove absolutely everything…I doubt it. Some of it. Yes.

My fridge is my new temple. Ommm Fisher Pakel.

Green Blessings.