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Zen & The Art of Chocolate Cake

I’ve been practising a lot of mindfulness activities recently.

It’s the latest ball I’ve thrown in the ring to seek some modicum of balance in my life. In the past I’ve flirted with mindfulness a fair bit, but more like a one night stand than a serious commitment.

So more recently I’ve been trying to commit. I’ve been hanging out with my mate mindfulness a lot more. Mindfulness for me is not all tofu and mung beans. It’s not all ommm meditation. Tonight it involved exiting a worn out work head and entering a more present and comfortable home head. And so I baked.

Not just the throw it in the oven hope it doesn’t burn bake. A REALLY get present, get right back in your body bake. I lit a candle. I cleaned my kitchen in readiness. I pulled out a great new recipe. I lovingly lined up all the ingredients. I measured thoughtfully. I smelled things as I added them. Cocoa, cinnamon, the pungency of the grated Parsnip. Well it might be pungency or it might just be Parsnip juice which currently defies my powers of description.

The cake has just come out of the oven, and it looks perfect in every way. I feel humbled and present.

I will also feel present when I ice it and EVEN more so when I eat it. Hail the Chocolate, Parsnip & Cinnamon Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.

Chocolate Blessings. (and photos later….)

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The Reverse Frodo

Frodo and Golum had to take the one ring and throw it into the fires of Mordor. In a reverse Frodo task, I’ve spent the last few days trying to find my ring in my own personal fire. For 36 hours I have observed mindfulness on as many levels as possible, and SUCCESS! I have found one of the lost rings. Elated, but trying to keep a lid on it all. There is still one ring to go and I mustn’t take my eyes of the prize just yet.

I have realised just how many ways we detract from our own mindfulness.

So today I cleaned out the Golum cave. I have ordered and sorted, and returned, and replaced. I’ve thrown out, and shuffled, and considered without haste.

Alice helped with cleaning up.

I lit candles, and burnt incense, and rested deeply with my baby when it was all too much.

Surprisingly I don’t really keep a messy space, but I’ve discovered how low my tolerance for space junk of any sort. I frequently need to cleanse it all.

So today I am quietly confident I will find my other ring, while carefully observing my own space.

I am yearning for a rest, and feel a different energy coming through. The call of the seal song. I count the days to my trip by the ocean on the weekend, to restore my pelt.

Green Blessings.