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Small magic deposits…

Some days are for super BIG magic. Some days feel totally magic free. (Boo Hoo!) And some are filled with the wonder of constant small miracles for which I am most grateful.

Work often rushes at me like a tsunami of overwhelm. I need to be strong and hold the space well to cope.

I am fortunate enough to have the best window view in the organisation. (photo on the way) Every time I look out at the secret garden just a few steps a way I feel some instant replenishment.

I had a visitor at work yesterday. She came with a joyous bag of tricks and a lovely disposition. Magic between people feels great too. My visitor flew in on her broom and said that she’d met me before, my old wise self in a dream space. She revealed parts of myself that I hide from others. You gotta be happy with that. I love it when time transcends reality and your psychic space gets a good sweeping. And meeting someone who makes your head happy with possibility.

And then I wandered off to my community garden plot. Despite last years drought, locusts, snails, thefts, poor planting technique and other vagaries of nature I picked my families dinner. Beetroot, fresh basil , corn, tomatoes and some parsley. One hour from pluck to pesto and I felt like I had a big jolt of nature’s vitamins packing it in to my bowl.

And while the pumpkin’s haven’t really set that well…. they have the most amazing flowers. Joy rising up like a phoenix from the compost.

So many rainbow blessings in every day.