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Everyday Goddess

Life, chocolate and witchy friendships are what inspires me. I like glitter, dressing up and baking a bit of whatever. I am rather bookish and have an impressive hat collection. I like to live in a state of possibility.

I write about things I’m exploring, testing out, learning or seeking.

Blogging acts as a type of therapy, exercising my creativity in writing. Sharing it with others gives me witness. It holds me accountable for my own journey, and less likely to take unneccessary detours.

Goddesses resonate for me, not all of them, but 13 in particular. They have provided a useful framework for me to heal, laugh and make mistakes. They have helped me be my more authentic self.

I share my journey with

I continue to learn and for that I give thanks.

Blessed Be.

4 thoughts on “Everyday Goddess

  1. Hi! I just wanted to thank you for your lovely comment on my blog – I will add your blog to my blogroll too :). Blessings!!!

  2. Thanks so much for your lovely comment!
    I stumbled on your blog from the Hoodoo Shop’s blog and adored it 🙂

    Many Blessings

  3. Hi there! It’s so lovely to come across another Aussie witchy blogger 😀

    Just letting you know I really enjoy your blog and I’ll be adding you to my blog roll as soon as I get the chance!

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