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Compassion, Cooking and Connection

I have been a mediocre meditator for years. I’ve had a bash at it periodically, and sometimes consistently, but could not put it down as a regular, reliable habit. I’m still working on that.

I’m trying something new at the moment. EASY.

5 minutes a day in the morning.

Breath in, Breath Out. Repeat. And Repeat. You get the idea.

Sounds simple, is simple.

I aim to breath and return back to the breath when my thoughts drift.

I don’t have unicorns jumping over crystal hedges into magick ponds. I don’t go flying to other dimensions. I don’t turn into Zen Mistress extraordinaire. No candles, no incense, no music, no special clothing. No bells, toots and whistles. Nothing to distract from the mind numbingly simple exercise of breath.

I just breath in and out.

And towards the end of the five minutes I ask for direction for the day. My three tasks.

In that time, I’m pleased by the steadfastness I feel after a simple five minutes. I also have clarity for the day. I often struggle with focus so I like the feeling of knowing what to concentrate on for the rest of the day. Usually I come up with three simple tasks for the day. I aim to achieve these, and anything else is a bonus.

Today my three things were compassion, cooking and connection. Compassion done (more on that later), cooking, mmm, Spanokopita and home-made nut butters for sandwiches.
Connection… off to visit a dear friend for a quick cuppa and a yarn. Nice.

So my day is nearly done. My three things are done.

Amazing the clarity of 5 simple minutes of breath. Aaahhhh!

No photos today, I’m embracing EASY!

Green Blessings.

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Nyx and the great big sleep

The last few days I’ve been waiting for the newly beatified St Mary McKillop to drop around and do a minor miracle at my place. I am in desperate need of a good long rest. It doesn’t have to be St Mary McKillop in particular, but I’m happy to spread the miracles around the universe, and will take them in whatever form they come.

I’m not even sure the said Saint has sleep in her repertoire of super powers, so I’m happy to consult with any deity, shaman or spirit, angel, or super human that will get involved in an intervention on my behalf.

Sleep…such a vexed subject.

Mine is substantially absent due to a young nipper who likes a warble at approximately 2-5.30am. Mighty uncivilized hours for most of us. However I was at a birthday dinner party on Saturday evening where at least two other people were discussing their horror night sleep stories. And neither of them have kids to tend to. Sleep issues seem to be endemic.

Sleeping beauty got to sleep for 100 years, but there was malicious intent with that. And Dorothy in the field of poppies. Dark Magick there.

Sleeping Beauty/Briar Rose- Henry Maynell Rheam in the late 19th century.

I have spent time, focusing positive energy on sleeping. I set up a sleep altar in my daughter’s room.
It didn’t have the desired effect.
I have placed lavender in the babe’s room.
I have slept in and out of the room.
No dice.

Might have to have a major consult with Nyx, the Greek Goddess of the Night.

Not sure what her terms are. Barter, limb of first child removed on full moon in Scorpio, badger blood?

I guess I’m coming to terms with night as revealer of the secrets.

Even though sleep deprivation is one of the most insufferable, exhausting things to deal with, it can be beneficial. I often find amazing things happen to me in liminal spaces. The times and spaces in-between. Thresholds. Dawn, dusk, train platforms, waiting in lines, while snoozing but not quite. Sleep deprivation can often feel like that. I squint and its like looking into another world, and you can see other realities and possibilities.

I have found that mostly I am quite creative when sleep deprived. (I am also clumsy, look very ordinary, grumpy at times and haven’t driven a car out of fear for weeks)

I am not suggesting I want to give up sleep in order to write a Magnum Opus … I really would prefer to be a little bit less of a tired hag. What I do want, is to look deep into the lessons of sleeplessness and hear them.

I will go to bed with my night goggles on tonight, to see what I can see.

And if Nyx or any other being with sleep in their portfolio wants to have a chat to me, I’ll be there.


Green Blessings.

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Joining the dots: Simple Ritual

Thirteen years ago I went to a Gathering in Pipestone, Minnesota. It was a beautiful place, its’ gifts the local Pipestone used for ceremonial pipes, pink quartz and miles of native sage grass that I made into smudge sticks. Not unlike now I was nursing a small child, and had similar feelings of fatigue and occasionally overwhelm. How do you get through the long days when you are tired to the bone?

I spent a lot of time sitting by the Sacred Fire, listening to the Elders. They came from many traditions. I felt very privileged to be part of age-old traditions of sharing.

The simple words of one Dakota Elder really struck me though. Often the wisest words do seem to be the simple ones. I may not do justice to the flow of words all these years later, but their essence is still with me. “Life is sometimes hard, and on occasions boring. Ritual is the thing that helps us get through each day. It is the way we join the dots of a long day. Each small, simple ritual helps create the fabric of a beautiful day“.

So each day at that gathering we honored the rise and set of the sun, the breaking of bread, the presence of the elders both physical and past, the power of story and the act of healing. So many little things to give thanks for. There was also larger rituals such as sweat lodge or purification ceremonies. And lets not forgot that humor is also important, so a Chocolate Ceremony, initiating willing devotees of the sweet thing!

I do not always perform ritual in my life, but mostly I do. I light candles everyday, I give thanks for food and other things. I burn herbs and other incense to cleanse space or create a particular energy. Some days I light fires for the purpose of shedding and transforming. When I want to focus on a particular thing I put particular objects on my altar.

None of my ritual is sophisticated, complicated or requires things that are expensive or difficult to procure. None of it requires a PhD in Witchery 101. I do not consult a high priestess, shaman or guru. I am my own counsel, and I do what resonates well for me. Mostly I am happy with what passes.

As I allow more time in my life to work in these simple ways, I find my life runs more smoothly, and if it doesn’t I accept it with a greater state of grace. Life is not always meant to be smooth.

So today I honor my ancestors before me, and give special thanks to the wise Elder at Pipestone, who taught me the power of simple ritual, conducted with grace and ease.

Green Blessings.

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Oiling the Pelt

When your pelt is dry and cracked, sometimes you need a break, and sometimes you need to oil it. Sometimes you need to do both. I made a soothing unguent for my pelt before heading to the ocean on the weekend.

Making Dew of the Sea Oil

1. I set up an altar for the Selkie before I began my work.

2. Collected all the rosemary I had dried from my patch and put it into a non reactive saucepan.

3. I covered it with Almond Oil until just covered and put it on the lowest possible heat for up to three hours. (Please don’t boil!)

4. Cooled the oil and then strained through cheesecloth and bottled in a dark glass container.

5. Put the oil on the altar to mellow while I went in search of my pelt for a few days.

6. Searching for the pelt: finding joy, peace and happiness in simple things over three days at

7. Home, physically and metaphorically.

8. Tried out my Dew of the Sea Oil. My pelt breathed a deep sigh of relief as I anointed my hands. Now I am really HOME!

I wish you three-fold courage to try to restore you own pelt. Only you can.

PS. Abundance to Red Catherine at Artemis in Mannum, South Australia, who shared her story of the Selkies on Kangaroo Island, Australia. It gives me joy to know I don’t have to travel to the Orkney Islands to glimpse these magickal creatures, but may be lucky closer to my own shores.

Green Blessings


When The Selkie Calls

I love the seal stories. I was enchanted by The Secret of Roan Inish, one of my favourite movies of all time.

I feel the seal stories about me when I feel dry, cracked and worn out. I feel the call of the Selkie when I must return to my ‘home’. I feel the stories wrap around me when I MUST be alone. Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ story Sealskin, Soulskin. has always resonated with me at these times. The story ‘tells about where we truly come from, what we are made of, and how we must all on a regular basis, use our instincts and find out way back home‘.

The widely shared sea myths from The Orkneys, Ireland, America, Icelandic and other regions, all refer to the Selkies loss of the seal pelt (Or soul loss) The hide is taken by another and hidden away from view.

This amazing picture is by Dan Mills.

Only we can truly reclaim our own pelt, even if someone has hidden it from us.

I look forward to my weekend at the beach tomorrow ! I am planning a long solo walk… A long sit by the wood fueled fire… An enchanted walk to find a hidden waterfall. When restored I’ll share some good food and laughter with friends. I am looking forward to the gentle nurturing rock of the ocean as I sleep.

Off to find my pelt… it needs some attention.

Photo from Alan Dickson (found on Flickr).

Green Blessings.

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Aroma Day: Vanilla Martinis and Other Olfactory Orgasms

After a few industrious days activity with Baba Yaga, missing rings, raking and stuff, I was up for some fun. So today I decided to make it Aroma Day. I am shedding the smell of boiling bones.

Brew some coffee up for my husband. (Well actually that’s a lie, as I was still asleep when he left) but I imagined I did. It smelt heavenly.

Making Chocolate cake for my Mother’s birthday. The smell of melted chocolate is intoxicating. Lots of licks. (Must leave chocolate cake for faeries this afternoon!) A wise friend suggested they were using my wedding band as a hoola hoop in the garden, so I might have to bribe them with cake to give it back when they are finished frolicking. Ate way too much of the delicious, melty warm, rich chocolate cake.

I’m putting on some Martinis too. Another friend has declared this as the year of the Martini, after a sojourn in New York. I’m working on a sublime Vanilla Martini for her birthday. Slit open the deep dark pods, and got hit by that exquisite Vanilla bean smell. Mmmm.

Walk to the community garden. The smell of freshly picked herbs is superb. The smell of wet, festy soil even better.

Hearth. Baking bread with Romano cheese and garden picked chives. Powerful aroma fix.

Clean smelling baby after bath. All wrapped up in scrunchy pyjamas.

Fried garlic and onions. All- spice scented pot of pumpkin soup. Perfect.

My next blog may just be about digestive distress. Too much cake.

Green Blessings

Coming up soon… Sand, Surf and Selkies


The sea of tea.

“I have drunk so much tea today I am awash and fear I will float away… How much tea is too much?” I put the kettle on to reflect on this text from a friend. I do love a nice cup of tea, especially with a sweet biscuit or two.

Pondering the question, got me thinking about lots of too muchs. I have a few, the most significant being an impressive book collection that often threatens to ooze out the seams.

Once I had a fabulous dream about living in a house totally made of books. I knew the dream was important, and I’ve never forgotten it, despite the passage of at least twenty years. Years later when I stumbled across the amazing visual work of Colin Thompson in my favourite books of all time, I felt like I’d found my dream in print.

I’ve had many interpretations of that dream, but the one that I clung to, was that my writing would matter. I spent hours writing in my head, rarely committing anything to paper. Bit too scary that. What do you do if your dreams come true?

I spent the most inordinate amount of time reading and purchasing the books of others. At five large bookcases with overspill I called halt to this lunacy, and culled. I’m down to three bookcases and still shedding. I have come to understand that if I had saved all the money I had spent on books, I might just own a house now, instead of an image of a house made of books. The dream still teases me.

So I just keep writing. I write for joy. I write because I can. I write to get thoughts out of my head. I write to inspire. I write because I like the click clack of the keyboard. I write because I must. I write or I will most certainly bust.

My hall way is cluttered with books I’m trying to move on. They keep chatting to me, begging for another chance. Some snuck back on the shelves when I was making risotto. They jostle for positions, and plead to be worthy of my shelf. Alas they must go.

So, I have some books, well quite a few, that would like to go on new adventures.

They like to be loved, so if you might have a need, just drop me a line. They might be just the thing.

They could go to your house, the school, a friend, the kindergarten or wherever the demand.

So I have books for free, instead of too much tea.

Green Blessings.

Pop into 2009_04_01_arc..PS for her lovely sea of tea image and more!