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Zen & The Art of Chocolate Cake

I’ve been practising a lot of mindfulness activities recently.

It’s the latest ball I’ve thrown in the ring to seek some modicum of balance in my life. In the past I’ve flirted with mindfulness a fair bit, but more like a one night stand than a serious commitment.

So more recently I’ve been trying to commit. I’ve been hanging out with my mate mindfulness a lot more. Mindfulness for me is not all tofu and mung beans. It’s not all ommm meditation. Tonight it involved exiting a worn out work head and entering a more present and comfortable home head. And so I baked.

Not just the throw it in the oven hope it doesn’t burn bake. A REALLY get present, get right back in your body bake. I lit a candle. I cleaned my kitchen in readiness. I pulled out a great new recipe. I lovingly lined up all the ingredients. I measured thoughtfully. I smelled things as I added them. Cocoa, cinnamon, the pungency of the grated Parsnip. Well it might be pungency or it might just be Parsnip juice which currently defies my powers of description.

The cake has just come out of the oven, and it looks perfect in every way. I feel humbled and present.

I will also feel present when I ice it and EVEN more so when I eat it. Hail the Chocolate, Parsnip & Cinnamon Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.

Chocolate Blessings. (and photos later….)


Small magic deposits…

Some days are for super BIG magic. Some days feel totally magic free. (Boo Hoo!) And some are filled with the wonder of constant small miracles for which I am most grateful.

Work often rushes at me like a tsunami of overwhelm. I need to be strong and hold the space well to cope.

I am fortunate enough to have the best window view in the organisation. (photo on the way) Every time I look out at the secret garden just a few steps a way I feel some instant replenishment.

I had a visitor at work yesterday. She came with a joyous bag of tricks and a lovely disposition. Magic between people feels great too. My visitor flew in on her broom and said that she’d met me before, my old wise self in a dream space. She revealed parts of myself that I hide from others. You gotta be happy with that. I love it when time transcends reality and your psychic space gets a good sweeping. And meeting someone who makes your head happy with possibility.

And then I wandered off to my community garden plot. Despite last years drought, locusts, snails, thefts, poor planting technique and other vagaries of nature I picked my families dinner. Beetroot, fresh basil , corn, tomatoes and some parsley. One hour from pluck to pesto and I felt like I had a big jolt of nature’s vitamins packing it in to my bowl.

And while the pumpkin’s haven’t really set that well…. they have the most amazing flowers. Joy rising up like a phoenix from the compost.

So many rainbow blessings in every day.

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There’s Gnome Place Like Home.

Earl the gnome has been with me for about ten years. He looks more wizened than that, old soul that he is. He’s in his third home since we met, and while he is obliging he is yearning for a place to stay for the next couple of hundred years, or so.

While I don’t expect to accompany Earl for that long in the earthly realm, I certainly share his desire for a patch of our own. There’s gnome place like home.

For as long as I can remember Gardens have been my default dreaming option. I’ve planted many metaphorically speaking, some thriving, some with a few too many aphids. These days my gardens are doing much better, and they are starting to make their mark in my earthly world.

I do some small time gardening at my rental property. A few potted herbs, a few lettuces (well-tended by Earl), and the oaks that have been travelling me for the last three years. I also dabble in a one year old community garden plot that is starting to emerge. I lose myself there when I go trowel in hand.

But more recently I seem to have quietly become the custodian of a very Secret and very special garden. Without realising it, I had stumbled across the very garden that has been in my dream space for at least ten years.

When I first met this garden, I kinda liked it, but wasn’t that quick to recognise its beckoning call. The garden was knocking on my subconscious door for a few months before I answered.

And then a sow thistle asked to be removed…

The last few months have been a whirlwind as I have claimed this space as a welcome respite from my busy world. I have weeded, and pruned, and dug and manured, and removed debris and swept and sat and listened. It is starting to tell me what to do. I am truly with joy.

A heart garden is not always what and where you expect it.

But a heart garden will always meet your greatest inner needs.

Green blessings.

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The juicy nashi miracle

Today I went to a secret garden. No one knows about it because it’s secret.

Someone had dug up some tomatoes and corn from their mean landlords house and put it in the fertile soil of the garden. Instant bounty.

I picked a nashi, and took a sneaky bite. WOW, juicealishious. I haven’t had a moment so transformative since the great tinned spaghetti healing. The nectar of that juice made me remember all the joy and all the wonder of digging in that garden. And all the possibilities that come when we dig, and toil and snip and weed, and prune, and sprinkle and compost and love and laugh and talk to the earthworms and flowers.

And the awful stuff was all gone, and there are more nashis to come.

Green Blessings.

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The Night Thinks

Strange thing sleep. It is something we spend so much of our life doing, or trying to do. My husband is marvelous at it. He is an extraordinary sleeper of the highest order. I am often envious of his great capacity to drift off into the nether zones without effort.

I am a great faller asleeperer, but I am a tightly wired string and find myself waking because a truck drove past, my teenagers IPOD is still on at 3-am, I hear a mobile phone message come in, or a fairy whispers in zone far far from me. Maybe I’m just worried I might miss out on some great bit of life if I slumber too much.

I have recently returned to those who are allowed to sleep category after months of 1-2 hourly baby wake ups. Due to the divine intervention of Nyx the sleep goddess, and anyone else that listened and with the massive assistance of baby sleep school boot camp, my girl now sleeps for a cool twelve. Nice.

My brain is not as jangly now. I don’t feel sick now. I can think more clearly now. But strangely enough, my crazy, silly, creative and sometimes very insightful thinks have exited the building. It’s like they can’t co-exist in the same brain. It may be a temporary imbalance that will self correct after a few weeks. I sure hope so, because some of my best and most exciting revelations have come during the liminal spaces that sleepless nights provide.

I do not wish for sleepless nights.

I am loving the feeling of a clearer head.

I watch the marvel of the human dynamic and see what this new sleeping space provides for me.

I really think I am just stockpiling some useful sleep energy, recharging the battery, before my next big iimagination expedition

Shoot…I need to get a new camera. My old one went back to my old work. No pictures for now.

Green Blessings.


Hi Ho, Hi Ho, off to work I go…

For the last ten and a half months I have been blessed enough to spend time at home with my baby Alice.

Tomorrow, hi ho, hi ho its return to work I go. Albeit three days a week, but return to work I must.

So I take time to honor my full-time Mumness and celebrate its wonder.

I am grateful for…

Dreamy time with early sleepy baby just coming into this world.
Time to recover from pregnancy and labor.
The ability to breast feed and be present fully.
A time to draw breath and smell the flowers again.
Creating culinary masterpieces for my family.
Making stock, yogurt and bread.
Baking regularly.
Walking daily and ‘really’ getting to know my community.
Spending more time in the garden.
Having my husband work from home on Mondays and sharing a great lunch.
Playing with compost.
Receiving visitors (particularly one’s who snuck a day off work)
Establishing a community garden plot.
Watching Alice grow and become more animated and funny.
Meeting some terrific new mums.
Being home for my other daughter when she gets home from high school full of angst and ready to pop.
Accepting support and assistance from my terrific friends.
Having my Mum drop in for lunch and a Grandmother session.
Finally getting Alice to sleep at night, just a few days before returning to work.
And of course, writing this blog.

It is unclear to me how my new work/family life balance will look. I am hoping to keep writing. Maybe once a week. That is a wait and see for me.

Tomorrow I am looking forward to a clean desk, fancy Nancy clothes and no mashed pumpkin in my hair.

My brain will be getting a work out and that’s okay.

I give thanks for my time at home, and to my terrific husband who has supported it.

Green Blessings.

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Gardening Nude

When the going gets tough I go digging, weeding and frolicking in the community garden. I have the best intentions of wearing my gardening gloves until I am overcome by the paroxysmal joy of soil. I dig my hands in to that rich humus, do my salute to the soil and get communing with earth worms. There I am again gardening naked of glove!

I come home with a glint in my eye, and a mighty load of crap under my nails. My skin will never be super smooth and its a good thing I don’t embrace fake nail culture as they wouldn’t stand a chance against the pure, unadulterated feeling of dirt. But I am happy.

One hour at the garden for me is therapy, physical activity and community all rolled into one. I am less crabby when I return. I am overjoyed with a harvest of my first ever broccoli, some super spinach leaves and fresh herbs to throw in tonight’s dinner.

My plot beckons with possibility for the coming spring. The soil having been much improved since I commenced gardening in February this year, will be ready for broad beans, herbs, corn, zucchini and edible flowers. So exciting.

I have to work hard against the garden pilferers. So far they have removed three robust parsley plants, a purple sage, and yesterday my three artichoke plants. I try not to get in a rage about vegetable theft, but it seems a little mean-spirited to remove whole plants and not just the offerings of the plants. I will not be beaten. I will replant! There is enoughh for all.

We all have a place we can go to sooth our souls. Mine is the garden. I long for my own magickal garden one day, but in the interim, I’ll keep digging nude at the plot.

Green Blessings.