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The Great Big Enormous Parsnip

How do you cook a one metre long parsnip in a thirty centimetre oven without cutting it up… and how do you empty a lake, polish the bottom and put the water back?

I love the kooky space of my night sleeps. While they appear a bit random and ridiculous, night thinks are most informative.

These two dreams from this week seem like great parables to me. Feeling refreshed when you have a toddler and a teenager, how to juggle work life balance, how to find a house that meets our needs that we can actually afford and want to live in… They all seem a bit impossible, like the princess in Rumpelstiltskin being asked to spin straw into gold overnight.

These are the great sorting dreams. Sorting this from that, and working out what’s yours and what belongs to other people.

I have no answers today, but love the way my unconscious state is continuing to problem solve for me and work out some next steps to my modern-day dilemmas. If not I will put out there for a morning waking answer from my fairy godmother… or, she who knows.

Any ideas on cooking that parsnip?

Green Blessings.


Fridge Central

Is your refrigerator the nerve centre in your Universe?

Is your fridge a reflection of your world order?

If mine is I’m in trouble! In fact I’m really, really in trouble….

It's an Electrolux

Earlier this year I purchased a lovely new fridge following an unusual over frosting incident that shall not be mentioned. (Not even the bit about the defrosting placenta within).

I was determined. I was resolved even. I was going Zen fridge door. I was going the Full Monty of fridge doors. I was NOT having seventeen precious bits of child’s art work. I was definitely not having shopping coupons. AND I was not having fridge magnets that seem to breed into rare hybrids when you turn away at night.

I have caved in. Horribly.

There is…
My running schedule (preparation for a 10 Km run later this year)
Notice of the agents impending house inspection
A spectacular list of pies for my up and coming Pie Palooza Birthday on Sunday.
A ticket for BABBA.
A local historical society brochure for the Button Exhibition.
Yoga timetable.
Free gym personal training session (For up and coming birthday)
Homework list (Not mine)
50th Wedding Anniversary Invitation (Rather Fancy Nancy)
Story timetable for the library
Birthday List (Definitely mine)
Hopeful brochure for local nurturing, massage, pamper place. (Wish it was mine)
List of things to do to prepare for Pie Palooza (Yes, that’s mine too)
When you can water schedule
When you can put your garbage out schedule
And… the list of my god kids activities (Which are substantial)
Phew, and that’s not withstanding a host of fridge magnets, photos and a Day Care Calendar!

How did this happen? I know not.

Do I have the courage to remove absolutely everything…I doubt it. Some of it. Yes.

My fridge is my new temple. Ommm Fisher Pakel.

Green Blessings.


The Meandering Path

One day I was plodding along, wiping pumpkin of Alice’s cheeks (or mine) and talking in mysterious baby-ease, and next minute I was staring down the barrel of returning to work. I am planning a three-day return only, but it seems that one minute you are following a path, and you think that’s the way to go, and next minute… darn tootin’…you’ve headed another way.

Did I get lost? Is this the right way? Or is it merely a detour?

Paulo Coehlo recently said on his Face Book page that ‘Choosing one path means abandoning others – if you try to follow every possible path you will end up following none’. When I read it I had only just found out about returning to work, and the 157 things required to make that work within family life. It made me ponder. Was this return to work part of the bigger picture? Or was it just a distraction from my real purpose? At this stage I do not have clarity on this.

So over the weeks that come I will observe what is going on for me. Does the return to work serve to work for our family unit? Do I still find time to nurture the things I love like my community garden plot, my creative endeavors, soulful cooking and my work with herbs and plants? If it does not I will rethink what appears to be the path right now.

It is important not to get lost in the dark forest again.

Green Blessings.

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The Power of Thwhack!


Today I have felt BIG huge emotions.

Alice off to day care for the first day. THWACK!
Job Interview. Double THWACK!!
Not much sleep for the last year. Hoo, Wang, THWACK, Pow, Chomp!!!

In my earlier years I spent a lot of time avoiding or hiding emotions, particularly the big ones, and most especially the tricky ones I thought should not be aired in public. It was okay to feel happy, joyous and loving, but Angry, Sad, Grumpy, Jealous or a bit evil just wasn’t okay in Girl Guide, homogenous Be Nice world.

My pregnancy and late parenting experience has stripped all that baloney away. THWACK is my new yoga. THWACK is my new thing. THWACK hits me in the body and soul like a two ton truck on rubbish day.

But I embrace THWACK, observe it and find it quickly passes and moves on. Much better than nice, nice, baby, that morphs and grows inside, and explodes out when you are not expecting it in the form of illness, anger and in extreme cases depression.

THWACK on reflection is a powerful tool to make you feel things in your body in such a convincing way you can’t ignore it. Deal with it. Regroup. And move on.

If there was goddess of THWACK it would be Pele. Explosive, fiery and temperamental. Once her load has blown, the ash settles, transforms and becomes rich fertile soil, great for nurturing new growth.

24 hours or less and an acknowledged THWACK has left the building. No ugly elephant in the room. Just beautiful space for something else.

So today on this day of major THWACK, I acknowledge that it was BIG. And that I will survive THWACK and most other things that get thrown at me.

I look forward to seeing what grows out of Thwack for me next.

Such Possibility.

Green Blessings.

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The day the house ate my Zen

Tim Burton and I had a tête-à-tête at his exhibition yesterday. Marvellous, inspiring and overwhelming! By the time I left my eyes were spinning like those spirals that feature frequently in his movies.

When my daughter and I arrived home, we both had a similar reaction to our day. She removed everything from her busy top shelf in her room, and put three items on it in a very artful and considered manner. I tore through the house yelling what can I throw out? Quite a few hours later I am still going. TOO MUCH STUFF.

I am constantly taking STUFF to the op-shop, putting things on Ebay or selling things. Still my cuppeth runneth over. Too much. How does it happen? I have some stuff rules. Something comes in, something goes out. The stuff fights back though and creeps in when I’m sleeping or recreating. If you lose vigilance for a minute you have seven toasters that came from your late great aunts estate, and 42 pairs of stockings that are ALL fabulous and required for a specific occasion.

And then there is the gifted STUFF. This is tricky for me as I aim to be polite and keep myself nice. I hate saying thanks but no thanks, or I don’t think that will go in my house, or ‘OMG that is disgusting’. Sometimes other people’s need to purchase stuff to fulfill their needs, spills over to mine. I wish I could just take a deep breath and say STOP IT RIGHT NOW!

This does not imply a lack of gratitude. I have been gifted some extraordinary gifts at the most opportune moments. Yesterday a girlfriend bought me a gorgeous lacy top from a Recycled shop in just my size and color tones. It fits like a glove and makes me feel lovely. NICE. I have been gifted books from my wish list when I’ve almost wept with joy at the rightness of the gifts. And sometimes the sheer unexpectedness of a well-timed gift, is a gift in itself. It’s what to do with all the not so right things. The ‘special’ wedding gift that doesn’t go or feel right anywhere. I tend to hang on for a while and then move it on.

So how to tactfully manage STUFF and important relationships is super tangly.

I am a big fan of experience gifts, or non stuff presents for people. Tickets to a show they would like to see or afternoon tea somewhere super special. I also love food gifts, especially for foodies. Gorgeous olive oils, local produce and even home-grown hampers. People seem to appreciate them and they don’t create space wars. And of course I always like to check with someone if there is something people would particularly like. Everyone has a secret wish list.

So today I’m looking around my house at what else needs to be further culled. Nothing is safe or sacrosanct.

As I plan my return to work soon, I am getting out the light saber and cutting through the unneccessary debris, and creating room for…..? Who knows what space might create?

Green Blessings.


The Great Big List

When things are a little more hectic than my normal life hectic, I find my creative process shrivels up a bit. Stress and shock seem to evaporate my clever, curious bits, and leave me gasping for a little bit of twinkle.

That’s when I resort to THE LIST. Lists are a frequent visitor in my world.

I have the fairly pedestrian, everyday list, such as;
shopping lists
weekly planner type lists,
and the secret inventory of birthday’s imminent.

There is also a list of things I might like to cook. At the moment that features
‘something’ with coriander
berry friands and
home-made sausage rolls for my daughter.

However there is also the higher order lists, and a sure sign, I am stretched to the max. These are the super organising, I will blow a foofy valve, I just can’t function, OMG, crap how will I get through the day variety list. These serve the purpose of creating order where there formerly was none, and making sure I don’t have a big, ugly melt down.

There is a three things I must do today list (Completed after my five-minute power meditation).

There is the vaguely loose wish list of things I would love to do. These are soul satisfiers and include things like,
visit Western Australia in Spring to see the Wild Flowers
go to Alice Springs Beanie Festival
create magickal garden and
eat creme brulee that someone else prepared.

And of course the Wish List (Purple stripy socks, dark green beret, the new Paulo Coehlo novel).

I vacillate with how my lists occur. They start as a series of random lists, scrawled at opportune moments. (If I caught buses, they would no doubt be penned there and then on the back of a shopping docket). One might be done at breakfast (Food for the week). There are notice board lists (Family Planner 101!) that involved movements of unruly and unmanageable family who don’t like lists. These lists are useful but eventually just shit me because they are usually messy. So when it all threatens to blow I neatly rewrite these lists and feel a great sense of calm.

In more recent times I’ve experimented with using a phone or computer sticky note for my lists. They are sort of okay, but don’t quite cut it as I don’t look at them once written, resulting in nothing getting crossed off the list. In fact they aren’t really okay at all, they are vaguely unsatisfactory. I reclaim my paper list!

Lists have a curious place in history. Santa of course having the biggest and most ffamous list, Schindler having the most noble. Wayne and Garth (Wayne’s World) just have plain stupid lists.

There are also a range of other ridiculous lists such as
World’s Top Ten Bikini Bodies
The Forbes’ Billionaire’s List (useful if you are gold digging) and
The Famous People Height List.

Apparently you can get a lot more blog hits if you post lists on Friday’s (Hence my experimental piece, Top Ten Goddess Super Power’s) and they were right. People apparently love a good list…and even a bad one. So I am not Robinson Crusoe on this one.

There are computer programs for lists. (I will never go there, no matter how strong the lure) There are days I abandon my lists altogether. But lists exist in my world and always will. I do respect my foofy valve too much to abandon them all together.

Better finish this piece with a list.

Today I will

1. Send out husband ( for his own safety) with the abridged shopping list.
2. Contact the real estate agent AGAIN regarding the broken heater.
3. Challenge teenage free ranging specimen to do something not involving computers or television.
4. Head out to the community garden after lunch for a therapeutic dig. (Absolutely no lists involved, although I may commence thinking about things to
plant this spring)

What do you list about?

Green Blessings.