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When a tutu is a must….

There are some days you MUST NOT ignore the petulant and very loud demands of an inner bossy boots who must wear a tutu.

These include; getting a new pair of pink Dr Martens, feeling like it’s a pink day, using it as leverage to get through a tired patch, going to a large family gathering, because your 2-year-old daughter suggests it or because you just darn well feel like it.

Wearing it to a 16 year olds birthday party might not be quite their thing… but do it anyway!

Pink Blessings xxx

Spirit Warrior for Red Catherine

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I love to dress up.
I’ve always liked to dress up.
Sometimes I’ve never understood what the point of it is?
It has mostly seemed a bit self-indulgent.
However I remain compelled and committed to doing just this very thing.
And until now I’ve never seen how this dress up thing could actually benefit others.
So Thank You Red Catherine for inspiring me to not only seek my own authenticity in dress ups, but to use it for the healing, amusement, enjoyment, vicarious pleasure and greater good of others too.
This post is for Red Catherine Johns (Romany, Story Teller,Animal Rights Activist, Feminist, Teacher and my friend) This Warrior is dedicated to you and all the great people around you supporting your current healing journey.

Warrior Spirit

For Red Catherine

If you are interested in Artemis and the amazing animal (and people ) rescue work Red Catherine does please go to her Facebook page Artemis Animal Rescue Sanctuary. Donations will be much appreciated.
Engaging the Warrior Spirit in us all…..Green Blessings.

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Zen & The Art of Chocolate Cake

I’ve been practising a lot of mindfulness activities recently.

It’s the latest ball I’ve thrown in the ring to seek some modicum of balance in my life. In the past I’ve flirted with mindfulness a fair bit, but more like a one night stand than a serious commitment.

So more recently I’ve been trying to commit. I’ve been hanging out with my mate mindfulness a lot more. Mindfulness for me is not all tofu and mung beans. It’s not all ommm meditation. Tonight it involved exiting a worn out work head and entering a more present and comfortable home head. And so I baked.

Not just the throw it in the oven hope it doesn’t burn bake. A REALLY get present, get right back in your body bake. I lit a candle. I cleaned my kitchen in readiness. I pulled out a great new recipe. I lovingly lined up all the ingredients. I measured thoughtfully. I smelled things as I added them. Cocoa, cinnamon, the pungency of the grated Parsnip. Well it might be pungency or it might just be Parsnip juice which currently defies my powers of description.

The cake has just come out of the oven, and it looks perfect in every way. I feel humbled and present.

I will also feel present when I ice it and EVEN more so when I eat it. Hail the Chocolate, Parsnip & Cinnamon Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.

Chocolate Blessings. (and photos later….)

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The Great Big Enormous Parsnip

How do you cook a one metre long parsnip in a thirty centimetre oven without cutting it up… and how do you empty a lake, polish the bottom and put the water back?

I love the kooky space of my night sleeps. While they appear a bit random and ridiculous, night thinks are most informative.

These two dreams from this week seem like great parables to me. Feeling refreshed when you have a toddler and a teenager, how to juggle work life balance, how to find a house that meets our needs that we can actually afford and want to live in… They all seem a bit impossible, like the princess in Rumpelstiltskin being asked to spin straw into gold overnight.

These are the great sorting dreams. Sorting this from that, and working out what’s yours and what belongs to other people.

I have no answers today, but love the way my unconscious state is continuing to problem solve for me and work out some next steps to my modern-day dilemmas. If not I will put out there for a morning waking answer from my fairy godmother… or, she who knows.

Any ideas on cooking that parsnip?

Green Blessings.

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Feed your inner bear today…

When a bears’ intuition tells them it is time for a long, long nap they go out looking for somewhere to sleep. Having spent most of the summer on an extended eating-fest designed to ‘chunk up’ before winter, they are all ready to go. Bears don’t really think about it that much. They just get into their inner Pooh.

Image from images/polar-bear.jpg

The Inuits gormandize on a range of fatty delights such as whale, walrus, seal, caribou, polar bear, muskoxen, birds, fish and eggs. Their diet keeps them warm all year round. They probably don’t worry about whether it’s saturated fat or not. e/e317/e007914483-v6.jpg

Humans, well we aren’t always that intuitive or instinctive about our food and habits. Mostly we just go on eating the same old, same old for lunch everyday because it tastes good, or we think its low in kilo-joules. How many of us really think about preparing for the big chill? Is sushi and low-fat yoghurt what our bodies really need to get us through the long Winter months? Doubtful.

About this time of the year my clever body alerts me to a need to change things. Even if I slavishly ignore my body it persistently whispers to in my ear. If I don’t listen it pummels me repeatedly. My inner polar bear wants some caribou. No more iced water. I want a herbal brew. I’ve put my elderberry syrup up for the season to ward off sniffles. I start thinking broth and kichadis and congees. I start combing recipe books for immune stimulating recipes. I go out and get astragalus to throw in my soup. I start baking pears and quinces and apples.

Really I’m just setting in my stocks before I go into hibernation.

So listen to your inner bear today and make sure your ready for the big chill.

Green Blessings


Fridge Central

Is your refrigerator the nerve centre in your Universe?

Is your fridge a reflection of your world order?

If mine is I’m in trouble! In fact I’m really, really in trouble….

It's an Electrolux

Earlier this year I purchased a lovely new fridge following an unusual over frosting incident that shall not be mentioned. (Not even the bit about the defrosting placenta within).

I was determined. I was resolved even. I was going Zen fridge door. I was going the Full Monty of fridge doors. I was NOT having seventeen precious bits of child’s art work. I was definitely not having shopping coupons. AND I was not having fridge magnets that seem to breed into rare hybrids when you turn away at night.

I have caved in. Horribly.

There is…
My running schedule (preparation for a 10 Km run later this year)
Notice of the agents impending house inspection
A spectacular list of pies for my up and coming Pie Palooza Birthday on Sunday.
A ticket for BABBA.
A local historical society brochure for the Button Exhibition.
Yoga timetable.
Free gym personal training session (For up and coming birthday)
Homework list (Not mine)
50th Wedding Anniversary Invitation (Rather Fancy Nancy)
Story timetable for the library
Birthday List (Definitely mine)
Hopeful brochure for local nurturing, massage, pamper place. (Wish it was mine)
List of things to do to prepare for Pie Palooza (Yes, that’s mine too)
When you can water schedule
When you can put your garbage out schedule
And… the list of my god kids activities (Which are substantial)
Phew, and that’s not withstanding a host of fridge magnets, photos and a Day Care Calendar!

How did this happen? I know not.

Do I have the courage to remove absolutely everything…I doubt it. Some of it. Yes.

My fridge is my new temple. Ommm Fisher Pakel.

Green Blessings.

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The Hump Year

I’m Feelin’ kind of reflective today. It’s Wednesday, fondly known as Hump day by some, as the middle point of the week. I wonder whether at 45 in a few days time whether I am approaching Hump Year. A mid way point in a life that so far is getting better as I age like a great gorgonzola.

Hanging out in the hump

I don’t feel a great need to look back and wish I did it differently. Everything that went before has informed my now so that’s okay.

I don’t feel a great need to look ahead. I seem pretty happy just hanging about in the Right This Very Minute and stirring my soup, sprinkling my glitter, or whatever else takes my fancy.

This is unfamiliar terrain for me as a previously desperate and sometimes disparate seeker of stuff about stuff. So I stopped going to one thousand and one sessions to heal my being. I stopped reading about it to. I got rid of a whole book-case of self help tomes that when I weighed them up, just ate cash and made me feel a perennial sense of hopelessness. I did recently indulge in a recommended guide to saving whales, emo’s and other things that would make me feel better. But its gathering dust by the bed. I was too busy making Pie!

So here I am hanging about in the middle. Not everything has gone to plan. Not everything is shiny. But the Middle does seem absolutely, positively okay. And that’s okay.

Green Blessings