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The Great Big List


When things are a little more hectic than my normal life hectic, I find my creative process shrivels up a bit. Stress and shock seem to evaporate my clever, curious bits, and leave me gasping for a little bit of twinkle.

That’s when I resort to THE LIST. Lists are a frequent visitor in my world.

I have the fairly pedestrian, everyday list, such as;
shopping lists
weekly planner type lists,
and the secret inventory of birthday’s imminent.

There is also a list of things I might like to cook. At the moment that features
‘something’ with coriander
berry friands and
home-made sausage rolls for my daughter.

However there is also the higher order lists, and a sure sign, I am stretched to the max. These are the super organising, I will blow a foofy valve, I just can’t function, OMG, crap how will I get through the day variety list. These serve the purpose of creating order where there formerly was none, and making sure I don’t have a big, ugly melt down.

There is a three things I must do today list (Completed after my five-minute power meditation).

There is the vaguely loose wish list of things I would love to do. These are soul satisfiers and include things like,
visit Western Australia in Spring to see the Wild Flowers
go to Alice Springs Beanie Festival
create magickal garden and
eat creme brulee that someone else prepared.

And of course the Wish List (Purple stripy socks, dark green beret, the new Paulo Coehlo novel).

I vacillate with how my lists occur. They start as a series of random lists, scrawled at opportune moments. (If I caught buses, they would no doubt be penned there and then on the back of a shopping docket). One might be done at breakfast (Food for the week). There are notice board lists (Family Planner 101!) that involved movements of unruly and unmanageable family who don’t like lists. These lists are useful but eventually just shit me because they are usually messy. So when it all threatens to blow I neatly rewrite these lists and feel a great sense of calm.

In more recent times I’ve experimented with using a phone or computer sticky note for my lists. They are sort of okay, but don’t quite cut it as I don’t look at them once written, resulting in nothing getting crossed off the list. In fact they aren’t really okay at all, they are vaguely unsatisfactory. I reclaim my paper list!

Lists have a curious place in history. Santa of course having the biggest and most ffamous list, Schindler having the most noble. Wayne and Garth (Wayne’s World) just have plain stupid lists.

There are also a range of other ridiculous lists such as
World’s Top Ten Bikini Bodies
The Forbes’ Billionaire’s List (useful if you are gold digging) and
The Famous People Height List.

Apparently you can get a lot more blog hits if you post lists on Friday’s (Hence my experimental piece, Top Ten Goddess Super Power’s) and they were right. People apparently love a good list…and even a bad one. So I am not Robinson Crusoe on this one.

There are computer programs for lists. (I will never go there, no matter how strong the lure) There are days I abandon my lists altogether. But lists exist in my world and always will. I do respect my foofy valve too much to abandon them all together.

Better finish this piece with a list.

Today I will

1. Send out husband ( for his own safety) with the abridged shopping list.
2. Contact the real estate agent AGAIN regarding the broken heater.
3. Challenge teenage free ranging specimen to do something not involving computers or television.
4. Head out to the community garden after lunch for a therapeutic dig. (Absolutely no lists involved, although I may commence thinking about things to
plant this spring)

What do you list about?

Green Blessings.

Author: greenwitchaustralia

I am inhabited by an eclectic disinhibited woman who dresses how she pleases. She doesn't always agree with the plant woman in me who likes to potter in the garden. They are both me and I am okay with that.

2 thoughts on “The Great Big List

  1. I thought this column both amusing and useful, I can relate to it and actually put some of it into practice.

    • Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully this will prevent you doing your Foofy Valve! What is on your list Marie? People you would like to interview? Things you must clean but never will? Jobs you may or may not get around to? Blessings.

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