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Black is my art?

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I like wearing black. I just do.

Sometimes you know when something is meant for you when the impact of hearing or reading something hits you in the face like a ten ton hammer. You want to deny it, you find it hard or uncomfortable to fathom and you just plain don’t like it.

I always think I’m getting to a ‘truth’ when that happens. They say the truth hurts. (I’m not sure who the mysterious they is, but ‘they’ know stuff’)

So it was when I read Annie Ridley’s Blogspot on the wearing of black. Thump and I was down for the count. Refer to her blogspot for the full article, but the essence of it being that ‘maybe wearing of black was like any addiction and it was also beginning to interfere with the fullest living of my life?’.

So I began my challenge. I am going NO BLACK until July 4th when I’m running a workshop that definitely demands Black. Thirteen days without the comfort,safety, anonymity, ease and addiction of black. I embrace the idea of anything that will make me feel more vital and alive.

My wardrobe features shades of greens, oranges, purples and browns, but I’ve discovered that about half was black.

Black is safe, Machiavellian almost. Black is the color of power and authority.

Coco Chanel wore black. Paulo Coehlo wears black. Dracula wore black. Emo’s and punks wear black. Professor Snape wore black. Wednesday wore black.

I wore black almost exclusively as a statement during my post university days. The Goth Girl scaring the suburbs. That didn’t do me many favors, as my health and personal relationships nose-dived.

I am on my third day of non black (although strictly I am cheating today as I have a warmer black under layer on as I was a bit limited in the Winter department and don’t want to rush out and buy new clothes for this challenge).

Day One: I just didn’t know what the hell to wear. I had some green stripy socks, but I don’t think the shops were ready for just that! Felt like a train wreck.
Day two: Worked better. People commented on my outfit while out. I looked different. (Positive).
Day three: Outfit feels a bit too’ hippyesk’ for my liking, but at least I’m not wearing black. I persevere for the sake of art!

Who knows what will happen? Maybe I just won’t do a ‘black wash’ this week. Maybe I’ll feel different? Maybe its all a heap of the proverbial? Watch this space for my de-blackened observations soon.

Green Blessings.

Author: greenwitchaustralia

I am inhabited by an eclectic disinhibited woman who dresses how she pleases. She doesn't always agree with the plant woman in me who likes to potter in the garden. They are both me and I am okay with that.

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