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Oiling the Pelt

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When your pelt is dry and cracked, sometimes you need a break, and sometimes you need to oil it. Sometimes you need to do both. I made a soothing unguent for my pelt before heading to the ocean on the weekend.

Making Dew of the Sea Oil

1. I set up an altar for the Selkie before I began my work.

2. Collected all the rosemary I had dried from my patch and put it into a non reactive saucepan.

3. I covered it with Almond Oil until just covered and put it on the lowest possible heat for up to three hours. (Please don’t boil!)

4. Cooled the oil and then strained through cheesecloth and bottled in a dark glass container.

5. Put the oil on the altar to mellow while I went in search of my pelt for a few days.

6. Searching for the pelt: finding joy, peace and happiness in simple things over three days at

7. Home, physically and metaphorically.

8. Tried out my Dew of the Sea Oil. My pelt breathed a deep sigh of relief as I anointed my hands. Now I am really HOME!

I wish you three-fold courage to try to restore you own pelt. Only you can.

PS. Abundance to Red Catherine at Artemis in Mannum, South Australia, who shared her story of the Selkies on Kangaroo Island, Australia. It gives me joy to know I don’t have to travel to the Orkney Islands to glimpse these magickal creatures, but may be lucky closer to my own shores.

Green Blessings

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