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When The Selkie Calls


I love the seal stories. I was enchanted by The Secret of Roan Inish, one of my favourite movies of all time.

I feel the seal stories about me when I feel dry, cracked and worn out. I feel the call of the Selkie when I must return to my ‘home’. I feel the stories wrap around me when I MUST be alone. Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ story Sealskin, Soulskin. has always resonated with me at these times. The story ‘tells about where we truly come from, what we are made of, and how we must all on a regular basis, use our instincts and find out way back home‘.

The widely shared sea myths from The Orkneys, Ireland, America, Icelandic and other regions, all refer to the Selkies loss of the seal pelt (Or soul loss) The hide is taken by another and hidden away from view.

This amazing picture is by Dan Mills.

Only we can truly reclaim our own pelt, even if someone has hidden it from us.

I look forward to my weekend at the beach tomorrow ! I am planning a long solo walk… A long sit by the wood fueled fire… An enchanted walk to find a hidden waterfall. When restored I’ll share some good food and laughter with friends. I am looking forward to the gentle nurturing rock of the ocean as I sleep.

Off to find my pelt… it needs some attention.

Photo from Alan Dickson (found on Flickr).

Green Blessings.

Author: greenwitchaustralia

I am inhabited by an eclectic disinhibited woman who dresses how she pleases. She doesn't always agree with the plant woman in me who likes to potter in the garden. They are both me and I am okay with that.

2 thoughts on “When The Selkie Calls

  1. I found your blog thru Dr. e’s facebook page… I do love it.
    thanks for writing

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