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Aroma Day: Vanilla Martinis and Other Olfactory Orgasms

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After a few industrious days activity with Baba Yaga, missing rings, raking and stuff, I was up for some fun. So today I decided to make it Aroma Day. I am shedding the smell of boiling bones.

Brew some coffee up for my husband. (Well actually that’s a lie, as I was still asleep when he left) but I imagined I did. It smelt heavenly.

Making Chocolate cake for my Mother’s birthday. The smell of melted chocolate is intoxicating. Lots of licks. (Must leave chocolate cake for faeries this afternoon!) A wise friend suggested they were using my wedding band as a hoola hoop in the garden, so I might have to bribe them with cake to give it back when they are finished frolicking. Ate way too much of the delicious, melty warm, rich chocolate cake.

I’m putting on some Martinis too. Another friend has declared this as the year of the Martini, after a sojourn in New York. I’m working on a sublime Vanilla Martini for her birthday. Slit open the deep dark pods, and got hit by that exquisite Vanilla bean smell. Mmmm.

Walk to the community garden. The smell of freshly picked herbs is superb. The smell of wet, festy soil even better.

Hearth. Baking bread with Romano cheese and garden picked chives. Powerful aroma fix.

Clean smelling baby after bath. All wrapped up in scrunchy pyjamas.

Fried garlic and onions. All- spice scented pot of pumpkin soup. Perfect.

My next blog may just be about digestive distress. Too much cake.

Green Blessings

Coming up soon… Sand, Surf and Selkies

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I am inhabited by an eclectic disinhibited woman who dresses how she pleases. She doesn't always agree with the plant woman in me who likes to potter in the garden. They are both me and I am okay with that.

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