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Baba Yaga and the Lost Ring

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The Baba called out to me last night in my fitful, exhausting dreams! The immense and never-ending task of sifting my compost. Uggh! It’s winter sodden, poultry manure enhanced and cold. I woke with a knowing that I’d lost my wedding ring while working in Baba’s Garden…and I had. Tears, admonitions, more tears. “But I washed the socks, raked the leaves, boiled the bones and turned the compost. What more could Baba want?” I consulted Women Who Run with The Wolves and read about the Sixth Task- separating This from that and thought… this might be my work, but I felt confused.

As I sat in sadness I knew it was time to consult one wiser than myself. One who knows. I posted my plea on Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes site with no expectation of hearing anything.

What I posted

Yesterday after a days hard but fair toil with the Baba Yaga, boiling the bones and washing her socks, I had a strange dream about sifting a huge pile of compost. I woke up and discovered I had lost my wedding ring in my efforts. With a sore neck (from raking) and a sad heart (from losing a cherished ring) I ask you wise one, whether I need to sift the compost or seek for something deeper? Green Blessings.
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to “Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes”

And glory be I got a reply!

The Reply

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes dear cs; assuming you meant consensual reality re raking et al, go look for your ring. If that’s where it is, it will still be there waiting for you. Pay attn to what goes through your mind as your separate this from that. That may be the fire from the skull, literally. See? with love, dr.e
Yesterday at 10:08am

And so the sorting begins. The ‘separating this from that’. I made offerings to the garden sprites, and symbolically turned the compost. I couldn’t focus fully on the task, distracted by the shiny thing (the ring) rather than the journey. So quickly I realized my error. FOCUS. This is a recurring theme for me, so needs some attention. I am committed to my task now. Today I raked over half the garden. Tomorrow the other half . I have neat piles of leaves instead of the scatter gun gardening that I was doing the day before. The compost still has to be sifted. I am hopeful my ring will be found.

I will FOCUS on FOCUS.

Special Thanks to Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes for continuing to be a beacon of hope and inspiration to so many, and to Baba Yaga for keeping me on my toes.

Green Blessings.

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