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The sea of tea.


“I have drunk so much tea today I am awash and fear I will float away… How much tea is too much?” I put the kettle on to reflect on this text from a friend. I do love a nice cup of tea, especially with a sweet biscuit or two.

Pondering the question, got me thinking about lots of too muchs. I have a few, the most significant being an impressive book collection that often threatens to ooze out the seams.

Once I had a fabulous dream about living in a house totally made of books. I knew the dream was important, and I’ve never forgotten it, despite the passage of at least twenty years. Years later when I stumbled across the amazing visual work of Colin Thompson in my favourite books of all time, I felt like I’d found my dream in print.

I’ve had many interpretations of that dream, but the one that I clung to, was that my writing would matter. I spent hours writing in my head, rarely committing anything to paper. Bit too scary that. What do you do if your dreams come true?

I spent the most inordinate amount of time reading and purchasing the books of others. At five large bookcases with overspill I called halt to this lunacy, and culled. I’m down to three bookcases and still shedding. I have come to understand that if I had saved all the money I had spent on books, I might just own a house now, instead of an image of a house made of books. The dream still teases me.

So I just keep writing. I write for joy. I write because I can. I write to get thoughts out of my head. I write to inspire. I write because I like the click clack of the keyboard. I write because I must. I write or I will most certainly bust.

My hall way is cluttered with books I’m trying to move on. They keep chatting to me, begging for another chance. Some snuck back on the shelves when I was making risotto. They jostle for positions, and plead to be worthy of my shelf. Alas they must go.

So, I have some books, well quite a few, that would like to go on new adventures.

They like to be loved, so if you might have a need, just drop me a line. They might be just the thing.

They could go to your house, the school, a friend, the kindergarten or wherever the demand.

So I have books for free, instead of too much tea.

Green Blessings.

Pop into 2009_04_01_arc..PS for her lovely sea of tea image and more!

Author: greenwitchaustralia

I am inhabited by an eclectic disinhibited woman who dresses how she pleases. She doesn't always agree with the plant woman in me who likes to potter in the garden. They are both me and I am okay with that.

2 thoughts on “The sea of tea.

  1. Hi Corn sister, my students are fundraising at the moment to purchase books for a school library in one of the slum areas of Kenya. The women who run the organisation ‘Kenya Imagine’ are happy to recieve any books in good condition. The library will be used by the whole community from babies to oldies, so any books you can give they will greatfully accept. They are having a fund raising music evening on June 18 which my class have designed posters for and we will all attend. It is at The Penny Black in Sydney Rd Brunswick – all welcome. We had a sausage sizzle last Thursday that raised over $300. I’m very proud of them!

    Keep up the blog – its well written and a joy to read!

  2. Sounds great, I will earmark a few of the lovely story books for Kenya. My books will be very excited for an international adventure.

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